4-th Kiev Roller MARATHON 2010

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4-th Kiev Roller MARATHON 2010

Post autor: Irida » pt maja 07, 2010 5:47

May 30, 2010 "SAM Roller Club with the support of the Kiev City Administration and the Kyiv City Independent Federation of roller sports of all types and directions holds 4-th «KIEV Roller Marathon» to be held in Kiev (Ukraine) on the main street of the city - Khreshchatyk.

• promotion of roller sports and speedskating in Ukraine and in foreign countries;
• Improving skill athletes;
• Strengthening health and recreation of children and their parents;
• promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Date and venue:

Competitions will be held May 30, 2010, the city of Kiev (Ukraine).
The race will take place on the street. Khreschatyk, start and finish - the "Independence Square".

Management of the competition:

General management organization and conduct of competitions shall "Kyiv City Independent Federation of roller sports of all types and directions. Direct holding of the competition rests with the organizing committee, judges and employees of LLC "SAM Racing Team" Roller Club.
Athletes, team leaders, trainers and other participants must comply with all requirements of these Regulations and the rules of the competition, while exercising discipline, organization, respect for the athletes, judges and spectators.
Parents have no right to interfere in the actions panel of judges.

Conducting the judging competition will deal with a professional team of judges. At the finish mark will be installed photo-finish (http://www.prometi.info/lynx/el5l300de.html). The principle: "The judge is always right." During the competition of the judges are not discussed.


The number of participants is unlimited.
Competitions are held in four categories - Fitness, Race, Children, Veterans! In each of the categories of men and women compete separately!
- Fitness – Amateurs of Roller Sports
Distance - 1 lap (1.6 km) - the distance from the mark "Start" to mark "Turn" and "Finish" for eighty meters to the place where it was launched;
- Race - athletes and amateurs with appropriate physical preparation
Distance - Incomplete 13 laps (21 km) - to mark the "Start" to mark "Turn" and "Finish" for eighty meters to the place where it was launched;
- Children – Amateurs of Roller Sports, up to 14 years
Distance - 1 lap (1.6 km) - is 1 lap of the mark "Start", to "Turn" and "Finish" for eighty meters to the place where it was launched;
- Veterans - roller sports enthusiasts aged from 40 years.
Distance - 1 lap (1.6 km) - is 1 lap of the mark "Start", to "Turn" and "Finish" for eighty meters to the place where it was launched.

Distances among the categories:

• Race: 21km
• Fitness 1.6 km
• Children 1,6 km
• Veterans 1,6 km


At the 4-th Kyiv Roller Marathon online registration will be open from 1 April 2010 on the link - http://samroller.org/registration (confirmation of participation in the day of competition is necessary and required), list of participants registered online will be available at the link - http : / / samroller.org / reg_list. Other participants will be able to register on the day of the competition.

Starting payment:

• Race - 60 UAH.
• Fitness, Children, Veterans - 30 UAH.

Competition program:

9:30-11:15 collection and registration willing to participate (registration ends at 11:15, participants who register online should confirm participation before the event);
11:15-11:30 parade participants;
11:30 Start category Fitness + Veterans;
11:31 Start the category Children;
11:45 Start Race Categories;
13:00 Awarding of winners.

Determination of the winners and rewarding:

The important and most enjoyable event - is rewarding, will be held at the Independence Square at 13:00.
Winners and prizewinners will be awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes in each category (Fitness, Race, Children, Veterans), separate men and women separately.


The representative of the team may appeal against the result of competition in violation of the rules of competition or judicial error, which caused significant changes in the definition of employed persons. In this case, for not more than 30 minutes after the end of the competition team representative submits the protest in writing to the chief judge of the competition, which judging panel shall consider and take action on it.
Untimely filed protests will not be considered.

Last year's winners:

Race Men:
1. Yugay Nikolay 34:56.995 (Russia)
2. Prokopchuk Dmitry 34:57.471 (Ukraine / Germany)
3. Pedos Maxim 35:36.873 (Ukraine)
Race woman:
1. Radionik Evgenia (Russia) 36:44.810
2. Gritsevich Anna (Russia) 37:45.430
3. Sukhareva Alexandra (Russia) 40:48.213
Fitness Men:
1. Borovsky Andrey 2:49.056
2. Borschik Vitaly 2:53.628
3. Lavrik Maxim 2:54.730
Fitness women:
1. Lizun Daria 3:16.499
2. Parshikova Maria 3:17.727
3. Levchenko, Tatiana 3:28.433

As it was in 2009:

more information: http://www.samroller.org


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