IFSA London 22nd-23rd July

Freestyle slalom - zawody, imprezy, pokazy / Inline freestyle slalom - competition, events, shows

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IFSA London 22nd-23rd July

Post autor: IFSA » czw czerwca 15, 2006 7:07

The 4th IFSA competition 2006 will take place in London - GREAT BRITAIN
- Freestyle Skating is about Slalom & Jump -

Official slalom events (Freestyle & Speed) will take place on Saturday 22nd.
This competition will be taken into account for the IFSA Championship & Cup. This means :
- The best skaters will qualify for the IFSA finales in Barcelone
- The top 20 skaters will score for the IFSA cup 2006

Where to stay in London ? What at what time ?
-> More information on http://www.ifsasports.org or direct link here :
http://www.ifsasports.org/English/compe ... onUK06.htm

Sport Regards,


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