Two IFSA competition : in Italy and in China

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Two IFSA competition : in Italy and in China

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2 more competitions of the IFSA Championship. These competitions are qualifying skaters for the very finals of the Championship 2006 in Barcelona - SPAIN, next 24th, 25th, 26th August. Those are currently not part of the IFSA Cup. They are open to every skater of the world : feel free to take part & maybe qualify !

IFSA qualification in Italy was actually in partnership with the UISP and its championship, last 1st & 2nd July.
The top skaters have been qualified for speed slalom and freestyle slalom. Check the results : ... 0Italy.htm

IFSA qualification in China will take place in Shanghai, in partnership with the CRSA, next 3rd, 4th, 5th August.
Top skaters will qualify there. Read more information about this event here : ... hina06.htm

Enjoy skating : Slalom & Jump !
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